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To be a PR1MA home owner, follow the steps below.



Create your account at Complete your registration and upload all required documents.

Register Required documents
Create an account and password
Fill up the registration form
Select your 5 preferred locations

Upload your required documents as follows:

  • Employees
    Copy of Identification Card and latest month’s payslip
  • Self employed/own business
    Copy of Identification Card and latest month’s bank statement
Send in your completed form to receive your PR1MA reference number
You will receive an e-mail as confirmation of your registration
You will be notified of the launch of developments in your preferred locations


You have to apply for developments that are opened for application as entry for balloting will not be automatic.

Application is required as entry to ballot is not automatic

You will be notified on the launch of PR1MA developments in your preferred areas
Log in using your User ID and Password
Click "Application" for more details on developments that are open for application

Upload your supporting documents as follows:

  • Employees
    1. Latest 3 months payslip
    2. Employee confirmation letter
    3. KWSP statement
  • Self employed/own business
    1. Latest 3 months bank statement
    2. Latest LHDN statement
Submit your application before the closing date
You will receive an e-mail as confirmation of your application


An open and transparent "balloting" process will be conducted for applicants who have fulfilled all the requirements.

Ballot results will be listed on
Successful applicants will be contacted via
Once verification is complete, successful applications will be contacted to choose your desired home unit
You’re on your way to becoming a proud
PR1MA home owner!