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To be a PR1MA home owner, follow the steps below.



Create your account at
Complete your registration and upload all required documents.

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You have to apply for developments that are open for application as entry for balloting will not be automatic.

Application is required as entry to ballot is not automatic



An open and transparent "balloting" process will be conducted for applicants who have fulfilled all the requirements.



PR1MA offers the best help for your property end financing.

  • Ballot results will be listed on
  • Successful applicants will be contacted via e-mail & SMS
  • Once verification is complete, successful applications will be contacted to choose your desired home unit
  • You’re on your way to becoming a proud PR1MA home owner!

Find the best financial help for your property end-financing with PR1MA.


Select from PR1MA’s panel banks for an end-financing package that suits you best.

  • Participating institutions:
  • Packages include financing of up to 110% of the Sale and Purchase (SPA) prices.
  • No downpayment will be required if you are able to secure the maximum loans.

Getting a loan

  • Option 1:
    Serve the interest during construction and commence instalment only upon completion of the property.
  • Option 2:
    Capitalise the progressive interest into the loan amount whilst waiting for completion of the property.

    • Your loan may cover all expenses, which include but not limited to Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) or Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful (MRTT), legal fees, stamp duties and etc.
    • You can stretch your loan tenure up to 35 years or until you reach the age of 70, whichever is earlier.

*Final terms and conditions are subject to the bank’s approval.


Moratorium is a time period during which no transfer of ownership activity is allowed. In this context, you may not sell, dispose, or rent your PR1MA home until the moratorium expires, which is 10 years from the date of your Sale and Purchase Agreement


If your loan was rejected by our panel banks, the Rent To Own scheme is available for you.

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We truly care for the wellbeing of our homeowners. With Care by PR1MA, you can enjoy better insurance coverage for home ownership.

PR1MA tenants under the RTO scheme

Due to unforeseen circumstances such as death or permanent disability, you can continue to stay in your home rent-free for up to a year.

PR1MA also provides funeral expenses for its RTO tenants and for Musilms, this includes expenses for Badaal Haji.

Other PR1MA homeowners/registrants

PR1MA homeowners will receive a premium rate reduction of 10-15%.

The MRTT/MRTA gives extra coverage for personal accidents as well as funeral expenses. There are also good rates for fire insurance and Motor Takaful. For motor insurance products, you are eligible for the PR1MA Care privilege card, which entitles you to annual returns.