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To plan, develop and provide affordable and high-quality homes inspired by modern living concepts for middle-income Malaysians.

  1. To plan housing development and integrated community facilities as well as improvement in quality of life for homeowners.

  2. To develop modern, comfortable and high quality homes.

  3. To provide affordable homes for the middle-income group.

  4. To preserve the PR1MA brand with established and updated development standards, and monitor the implementation of these standards.



Develop high-quality home and shape integrated community facilities for the middle-income Malaysians.

Supervise, plan and manage the design, construction as well as maintenance aspects of PR1MA homes and its community.

Determine the sales price, allocate PR1MA homes through audited balloting and collaborate with financial institutions to give homebuyers access to attractive financing schemes.

Identify current needs to monitor, control and manage the supply and demand for PR1MA homes and its facilities.

Safeguard the PR1MA brand by determining the development and execution standards, and/or enforcing the said standards.

Drive smart partnerships between the Government and private sectors.

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