Frequently Asked Questions



1. Is sales process for PR1MA Homes operates as usual during the CMCO period?

Yes. PR1MA Homes sales will run as usual through our appointed Sales Partners and unit selection process can be done via Whatsapp application and email.

Kindly refer to our website at for the full list of our appointed Sales Partners.


2. Is PR1MA Sales Gallery open during the CMCO?

PR1MA Sales Gallery is closed during the CMCO period.

For further inquiries, kindly contact us at 03-7628 9898 or email us at All inquiries will be recorded, and we will reach you as soon as possible. 


3. Who should I contact if I want to know more about PR1MA projects?

You may contact our appointed Sales Partners as listed here The appointed Sales Partners will be able to assist with registration and booking of PR1MA homes. For more information, please refer

Kindly contact us at 03-7628 9898 or email us at, should you have any inquiries. 


4. Will purchasers be able to sign the SPA during this period?

Purchasers are advised to consult with the lawyer who manages their respective Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) for more information. However, processes related to the completion of the agreement document are likely to be delayed during the Conditional Movement Control Order period.


5. Can purchasers make any payment during this period?

Yes, payment can be done via online banking.  Please refer to  the account number stated on the invoice.


6. Will the bank process loan payment?

Yes. Banking instituitons are operating as usual during this Conditional Movement Control Order period.


7. Expiry date for application of home loan with the bank is during the Conditional Movement Control Order period. What should I do?   

Please notify PR1MA or our appointed Sales Partners immediately. PR1MA may extend the expiry date for application of home loan during the Conditional Movement Control Order. 


8. Can purchasers check their purchase status?

Purchasers may enquire on their purchase status by contacting us at 03-7628 9898 or send us an email to to check. 


9. Can the interested purchasers visit show units during this period?

PR1MA show units will be closed throughout the Conditional Movement Control Order period at the affected locations. Any appointment for show unit visit can be done after the CMCO period. However, sales operations in states or area that are not affected by CMCO resume as usual.



1. How do we contact PR1MA during this period?
PR1MA Call Centre operates daily from 9am until 6pm (Monday until Sunday, closes on national and Selangor public holidays).

Kindly contact us at 03-7628 9898 or email us at, should you have any inquiries.


2. Can I come and collect the house keys?

PR1MA will contact you to reschedule an appointment for the key handover. You shall attend on the new date that has been agreed upon after the CMCO and ensure to adhere on the key handover guideline. 


1.     Will development works continue during the Conditional Movement Control Order period?

Current construction works will continue and to comply with the Covid-19 SOP.


2. Will there be any delay in the completion date of the PR1MA homes under construction?

PR1MA is working together with the contractors to review the construction schedule for the CMCO affected projects. The completion date is subject to compliance with the Covid-19 SOP. PR1MA remains committed to ensure the completion of our homes as targeted.


3. Will contractors and consultants receive payment during Conditional Movement Control Order?

Payment to contractors and consultants shall be processed in accordance to certified interim payment claims.


4. What are the requirements or guidelines that shall be complied by all contractors that would like to operate during the CMCO period?

The contractor must comply with the requirements / guidelines set by the government or other relevant agencies.


5. What is the operating hours for the construction site during the CMCO period?

Construction sites are allowed to operate from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm, 5 days a week. However, the operating hours and days can be extended subject to obtaining approvals from relevant authorities.


6. Is work overtime allowed throughout the CMCO period?

Working overtime in construction sites is allowed subject to obtaining approvals from relevant authorities


7. What should be done if a worker at a construction site has been infected with COVID-19?

The contractor must report the case immediately to PR1MA and MOH and give full cooperation to MOH to detect employees infected with Covid-19 and their close contacts.


8. What are the general conditions imposed on site workers?

Employers must ensure workers are in good health and checked on daily basis before entering the site. For foreign workers, employers must ensure that workers have valid work permits. Workers should also be informed of the Covid-19 risks, precautions and the importance of maintaining personal hygiene throughout the course of work. 


9. Do contractors need to appoint a Covid-19 representative at the site?

Yes. The contractor must appoint a representative to coordinate/monitor and ensure that all precautions are practised on site.


10. Do contractors need to provide HIRADC & ERP on site?

Yes. The contractor must provide HIRADC & ERP on site and ensure all workers are well informed.


11. How does PR1MA play a role in monitoring / ensuring authorized contractors are operating in compliance with the SOP?

PR1MA has prepared PR1MA Safety Work Instruction - Movement Control Order or "PSWI-MCO" to be complied by the contractor at the construction site. The CMC will monitor the contractor's compliance with the "PSWI-MCO" by submitting the weekly HSE report to PR1MA. This process is monitored through periodic reviews by PR1MA HSE Officers.  


Development Works for States Under CMCO. Date: 22 October 2020


12.    Do all businesses need to be registered in CIMS (Covid-19 Intelligent Management System)?

All businesses are encouraged to register in CIMS as this system is the main source of reference by PDRM.


13.    What is the working hours set for the management staffs working at the office?

Only 10% management staffs are allowed to work at site office. Time allowed is 3 days a week for 4 hours from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m.

14.    Do the workers need to undergo the Covid-19 swab test?

Compulsory for all foreign workers with or without symptoms; and all workers from red zone with symptoms.


1. Are home renovations in the strata scheme allowed within this period?

Yes. Any renovation works are allowed. Renovation works must obtain the written consent from management of the strata scheme, as well as the owner reviewing and obtaining approvals from the relevant Local Authority (PBT) where required.


2. Is moving in / moving out allowed?

Moving in / moving out processes at strata schemes are allowed. The moving party must notify the management on the date of the move. The number of movers allowed is subject to management approval and must comply with the visitor / service provider’s procedures.


3. Will the Management Office be open as usual?

Only the Management Offices at stratified development will be in operation during the Conditional Movement Control Order. 


4. If there is any complaint regarding damage at occupied units or houses, will PR1MA take immediate action on this?  

PR1MA will take immediate action for critical damages only. Complaints of non-critical damages will be recorded, and rectification works will be carried out after the MCO period. 


5.     How can the Maintenance Payment be made?

Homeowners are advised to pay the maintenance charges through online banking.   


6. How do the residents use the facilities during this period?

The gymnasium in PR1MA Homes located in CMCO affected areas will be closed during the CMCO period and all gym equipment be cleaned. Other facilities such as multipurpose hall, prayer hall, kindergarten, and others will also be closed.


7. Can the place of worship (surau), management office and community hall in PR1MA Homes be used as per usual? 

Any use of place of worship (surau) and community hall at PR1MA Homes in MCO affected area is not permitted at this moment.


8. How about sports, community and religious activities?

Sports, community and religious events within CMCO affected area must be postponed or cancelled in accordance with the Government’s directives. 


1. Are internet services operating as per usual?

Yes. PR1MAComm internet service operates as per usual. Network Operation Centre (NOC) also operates as per usual and constantly monitors the internet services to ensure connectivity is smooth and without interruptions.


2. How do I make a report from my home if the internet connection is interrupted?

Please contact PR1MA Call Centre at 03-7628 9898 or email to for any report. PR1MA Call Centre operates daily from 9 am to 6 pm (Monday to Sunday, closes on Selangor public holidays). After working hours, customers may contact us via WhatsApp  at 019-630 4240.


3. Does SMATV installation operates as per usual?

Installation works of SMATV system modulator and installation of broadband services for new customers in PR1MA Homes located in CMCO affected areas will be postponed until the CMCO period ended.


4. How do I make a report from my home if the SMATV system is interrupted?

Please contact PR1MA Call Centre at 03-7628 9898 or email to for any report. PR1MA Call Centre operates daily from 9 am to 6 pm (Monday to Sunday, closes on Selangor public holidays). After working hours, customers may contact us via WhatsApp at 019-630 4240.



1. What is the eligibility criteria to apply for a PRIMA home? 

  • Malaysian citizen.
  • At least 21 years of age at the time of application 
  • An individual or family (husband & wife) with a combined household monthly income of RM2,500 – RM15,000.
  • Applicant or his/her spouse must not own more than one property. 
  • Adheres to the additional guidelines set by PR1MA. 
2. Can I apply for a PR1MA home as a second home? 
Yes, you can.
3. If I reside in Malaysia and my spouse lives overseas, are we eligible to apply? 
You are eligible to apply as long as your family household income is between RM2,500 – RM15,000. 


1. How do I register for a PR1MA home? 
You may register online by visiting the PR1MA official website at . 
2. Are there any charges incurred to register for a PR1MA home? 
PR1MA does not charge any registration fees neither does it select any agent or third party to offer form-filling services or special allocations for PR1MA homes. 
3. Is my spouse also required to register if I have already registered for a PR1MA home?
Married couples are required to register once only. The applicant will have to include his/her spouse’s details in the registration form.  
4. Do I register as an individual or family if I am to be married soon? 
You may apply as an individual for now. However, you will need to update your profile with details of your spouse for ballot application. 
5. How often should I update my profile? 
You are required to update your profile if there is any change in the details required for your application. 
6. Should I face a problem in registering, what do I do?
Kindly contact the PR1MA Call Centre at (+603) 7628 9898 from Monday to Sunday (9:00am – 6:00pm). Alternatively, you may email your enquiries to
7. If there is a technical error on the PR1MA website, what do I do? 
Kindly email a screen shot to PR1MA at this address -
8. Where can I view a list of documents needed to register for PR1MA? 
Please refer to the information found on this page of the PR1MA website -  Please click here.
9. What do I do should my IC has already been used in the system when I’m trying to register? 
Kindly contact us at (+603) 7628 9898 from Monday to Sunday (9:00am – 6:00pm). Alternatively, you may email your enquiries to
10. What if I forget my username or password? 
You may retrieve your username and password at
11. What documents do I need to apply for PR1MA?
You are required to send copies of:
i. Your Identity Card (IC)
ii. Latest bank statement or salary slip


1. Are PR1MA homes Freehold or Leasehold? 
This is determined by the land proprietor for each PR1MA development. 
2. Where are PR1MA homes located? 
There are PR1MA developments located in major cities/towns/areas across Malaysia. For more information, visit
3. How do I get the latest information about PR1MA home prices and launches? 
To find out, visit
4. How much does a PR1MA home cost? 
A PR1MA home costs between RM100,000 and RM400,000.
5. What are the sizes available for PR1MA homes? 
Generally, a terrace PR1MA house is approximately between 850 sqft and 1,850 sqft while a PR1MA apartment unit is  approximately between 600 sqft to 1,200 sqft.
6. For enquiries or further information, kindly contact 
PR1MA Call Centre: (+603) 7628 9898
Operating hours:
Monday to Sunday (9:00am – 6:00pm) 


1. During the PR1MA Homes unit selection session I attended, the unit I wanted was no longer available. How do I get on the waiting list?
If you were invited to a unit selection session for PR1MA Homes project, and were unsuccessful in acquiring your preferred unit because it has been fully booked, you may request to be put on the waiting list:
  1. At the specially designated counters during unit selection day;
  2. By visiting the PR1MA Sales Gallery at OASIS Square, Ara Damansara from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5:30pm;
  3. By emailing your details to the address provided in the unit selection invitation letter you received
PR1MA Homes however is unable to provide a guarantee or time frame as to when the unit selection session will be held again to those on the waiting list as these sessions are randomly held and dependant on the number of units available.
For more information, please contact the PR1MA Call Centre at 03- 7962 4374 or email us at the address provided in the unit selection invitation letter you received.
2. If my name is on the waiting list for a particular unit, may I still apply for a different PR1MA project?
Yes, you may.  However, your name will be automatically taken off any waiting list you may be on once you have been selected and confirmed any of the other units. 



1. What is the amount of the booking fee?
The amount of the booking fee is RM500

2.When will the collection of booking fee will take effect?
The collection of booking fee will start on 1 June 2019

3. What is the purpose of the booking fee?
Commitment of  purchase and to reserve the unit until SPA execution

4. When is the amount of booking fee payable/collected?
The booking fee will be collected upon booking the unit.

5. What is the mode of payments?
We only accept cheque or bank draft or money order

6. Is the booking fee refundable?
Yes, subject to valid reasons and supporting documentations.

7. How do I request a refund? Any form to fill up and submit?
Write a request letter with loan rejection evidence and send to

8. Where should I send the request for refund?
Sales Operations Department, PERBADANAN PR1MA MALAYSIA

9. How long does it take to obtain the refund?
Approved refund may take up to three (3) months from a valid claim for refund

10. What is the refund method to the customer if they are eligible for it?
The amount will be deposited into the purchaser’s bank account

11. What will happen to the booking fee after the SPA execution process?
Will be part payment of the purchase price or part of the miscellaneous payment charges (with Purchaser’s consent) 

12. Who should I call if I have any other questions on the booking fee?

  • Sales Operations Department / thru Call Centre / emails
  • For any inquiries please email to or call our Call Centre at 03-7628 9898 (Monday to Friday; 9am until 6pm).