Rent To Own is a deferred home ownership scheme specially for successfully balloted applicants of PR1MA homes whose loans were rejected by PR1MA’s panel banks.

Under the RTO scheme, you are eligible to rent the PR1MA home for up to 10 years before deciding to buy it at the end of the fifth or tenth year at a pre-determined price.

Select from the PR1MA Basic RTO or PR1MA Zero RTO.

Monthly payments:
Rental + Buyer’s Savings Account (BSA)

Payment of your monthly rent includes a savings amount. The savings is accrued in your Buyer’s Savings’s Account (BSA) to help accumulate towards payment of your house value.

If you decide to exit the scheme without purchasing the house, the savings amount will be refunded after deduction of charges owed to PR1MA.

Monthly payment: Rental

Payment is only for your monthly rent. There are no savings accumulated and if you decide to exit the scheme without purchasing the PR1MA home, no refund will be given.

Should you want to take the Option-to-Purchase (OTP), you need to look for full end-financing from any of PR1MA’ s panel banks or any other bank of your choice.

Rent To Own Monthly Payment Estimator

Select a PR1MA Home price:
Estimated Rent To Own Monthly Payment Basic Rent To Own Zero Rent To Own
One-time deposit (refundable) RM2,884 RM2,597
Year 1- 3 RM961 RM866
Year 4-6 RM1,000 RM900
Year 7-9 RM1,040 RM936
Year 10 RM1,082 RM974

Disclaimer: The RTO Payment Estimator is only intended to give an estimated monthly payment for RTO schemes being offered by Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia and is subject to the movement of actual financing rates from time to time. Actual monthly payments will be stated in the rental agreement by Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia to the respective participants/applicants and is subject to the policy, guidelines, terms and conditions of the RTO scheme. Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia makes no representation or warranty, whether expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the facts and figures presented. Furthermore, Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia disclaims responsibility from any liability arising out of reliance on the contents of this publication."

RTO Rental Rates

  • Rental rates for both schemes will be benchmarked against mortgage instalments. Rental rates under PR1MA Zero RTO will be less than that of PR1MA Basic RTO.
  • Rental escalation rates are estimated every 3 years.
  • Rental rate and payment schedule will be determined prior to signing of Rental Agreement between the tenant and PR1MA.

RTO Deposit

You will need to pay a three-month deposit as per normal rental procedures prior to the collection of your keys.


Application for Rent-To-Own (RTO) financing program for PR1MA Homes is unavailable at the moment and will be made available soon.