About the Vendor Registration Process

Be part of the PR1MA programme to help aspiring homeowners realise their dreams.

We are always on the lookout for potential vendors who can contribute to the development and success of PR1MA. We invite you to be registered with us via the Vendor Registration Programme.

PR1MA practices the principles of transparency, fairness and honesty, which is a part of our procurement ethics programme. All vendors appointed by PR1MA will need to create a positive working culture to establish good relationships of mutual interest in providing the best services. The PR1MA management will take action if any forms of influence, coercion or corruption are found. All vendors who intend to do business with PR1MA will have to register with us through the Vendor Registration Process. 




General Information for Vendors

  • All who wish to be a potential vendor and be eligible to conduct business with PR1MA must first submit their application online through the Vendor Registration Process.

    Simply follow these steps:

    • Download, read and prepare all the information required in the Vendor Registration Guideline before submission.
    • Submit your application by filling in the online Vendor Application Form.
    • Ensure that you have completed all required information to avoid disqualification.
    • Any successful vendor registration shall be valid for two (2) years (effective upon the official approval date) and must be renewed prior to the expiry date to enable the vendor to continue their business with PR1MA.
  • The following entities are welcomed to register as a PR1MA vendor:
    • Sole Proprietorships
    • Partnerships
    • Enterprises
    • Companies (Private & Public Limited) that are registered with the companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)
    • Firms/Professional bodies such as Engineers, Architects & Quantity Surveyors
    • Foreign Registered Companies
  • Private / Public Limited companies must have a paid up capital of not less than RM 10,000.00
  • Companies/vendors must have appropriate licences/registration from authorising or relevant certification bodies in order to be eligible for each category of work applied and provide CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES (CTC) as attachments during submission.
  • Documents submitted must be certified by:
    • Company Secretary/Director or
    • Companies Commission of Malaysia or
    • Commissioner of Oaths
    • Other equivalent form of certification from relevant authorities/bodies where applicable
  • PR1MA reserves the right to accept or reject any of the applications and the Vendors shall not be reimbursed for whatever expenses or losses which may be incurred in the preparation and submission of the completed registration documents.