Once an applicant has successfully undergone the registration and screening process, the applicant will be assigned a Vendor Registration Number, which essentially represents the applicant as a REGISTERED VENDOR of PR1MA.

However, successful application in becoming a REGISTERED VENDOR of PR1MA does not guarantee an automatic issuance of Letter of Award or Purchase Order and or Contract from PR1MA nor does it guarantee automatic invitation to participate in any PR1MA quotations or tender exercises.

PR1MA Vendors are grouped based on the following category:

Once you are a REGISTERED VENDOR, you will have the opportunity to participate in PR1MA's Request For Information (RFI), Request For Quotation (RFQ), Request For Proposal (RFP) and Tender Exercise. The selection of vendors for participation in any quotation or tender exercise is based on the purchasing needs and requirements of PR1MA and will be compared and benchmarked against the available pool of APPROVED VENDOR and REGISTERED VENDOR. Further pre-qualification will be carried out by PR1MA’s divisions and operating units, depending on their respective specific procurement needs.

Should your participation in the above events be successful, you will be an APPROVED VENDOR.
In this category the vendors are considered as:

  • New vendors who have met PR1MA's procurement criteria for pricing, quality, delivery and service.
  • Have been selected and put on a regular bid list.
  • Vendors who will encourage healthy competition.

Should the vendor's performance consistently excel over time, APPROVED VENDOR can be promoted to PANEL VENDOR and must consistently meet or exceed PR1MA's expectations in pricing, quality, delivery and service.

In this category the vendors selected:

  • Have gone through our Supply Management process which includes our performance monitoring assessment.
  • Have signed Frame Agreement with PR1MA.
  • Are exempted from the bidding process during the period of time that the Frame Agreement is in effect.

An ALLIANCE VENDOR is selected through the Supply Management process and with whom PR1MA has developed a long term partnership of strategic importance which include

  • Materials or services of strategic importance of PR1MA.
  • Sharing resources, knowledge and capabilities with the objective of enhancing mutual competitive position
  • Providing input in technology and strategic planning process for PR1MA.
  • Is considered best in its class.
  • Is a major innovator in the marketplace.